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While clients are over the moon with the returns they can get on Compound Magic,

one request was so loud we decided to do something about it.


So we have now created an ENHANCED PRO Version.

Your purchase includes an e-book of many Betting Selection Strategies so you can increase the power of this excellent Software.

If you are one of the thousands that have already grabbed the original Compound Magic, you will find a very reasonable UPGRADE OFFER at the bottom of the page.


If you have not seen the power of Compound Magic, please watch the 12 minute video below.

Now I know in this age, 12 minutes is a long time. But it will be worth it.

You will see that with a modest £20.00 start, you can turn low prices of 2.7, 2.1, 2.3, 1.8 and 2.4 -- just  5 bets --  into nearly £500.00 profit, or 2,480% Return on Investment.

And even if the third bet had lost we would still have made good money !!


So now you have two choices:

1  If you already have a great relationship with Compound Magic, grab the UPGRADE at the special price that's only for existing purchasers of Compound Magic.

2  Or,  as a newcomer to Compound Magic, you will profit from the PRO version not only because of its enhanced features but also because your purchase includes the very valuable Betting Strategies.

That alone is worth the price.

(Three choices, actually, if you choose to ignore this offer!)




Please wait for video to load. Runtime is 12 minutes.



I bet that like me, you have bet all-up (accumulators) on short price horses or football teams, only for it to end in tears...

Well, welcome to Compound Magic. Compounding has been described as the 8th wonder of the world.

Banks have used it for centuries to make squillions "charging you interest."

Now with this unique software you too can skyrocket your profits.


First straight off the bat, let me tell you what IT WILL NOT DO.

It will not place your bets [It is not a bot.]

It will not make the selections for you.

[But we do include the Betting Strategies Manual that will help you with making selections.]


OK. So what will it DO?

It will tell you how much to stake on the selections you make.

And it will secure some PROFIT, along the way (after bet 2 or 3 depending on the dividends).

It can turn low-priced bets into huge returns -- you will get these quite often.



The software will sit on your computer and tell you how much to stake on each bet.

The Compound Magic PRO version only  allows you to save up to 20 Plans. These Plans are the different series of bets you are running.

You might be running two different Plans for horses, one for dogs, three for tennis and a couple for, say, football,

You can then select and  reload any saved Plan another time so you can continue with the power of compounding its profits with more selections.

This Guide explains how and why Compound Magic PRO is so powerful and a real wealth creator.

For FREE you can download this manual at the bottom of the page if you want to find out more!!



Ah, yes. THIS is what really adds value to the PRO version !!

In it we give you multiple suggestions on how to get your betting selections for

greyhounds, horses, tennis, football (soccer), American football and basketball.


And in it you will also learn about  leveraging your betting with our 


This Cascade Method will seriously supercharge your profits.

All the details are there with easy-to-understand illustrations and examples.


And you get ALL THREE in the one package.


The below table shows the bets that were made in the video.

Start bank £20.00, 5 bets, profit £482.70 or 2,413.5% Return on our initial flat bet of £20.00!!

Bet 1

Our Sel 1 is a mare called Red Tulip. We will bet her to win.

Wonderful. She romped home an easy winner and paid 2.70

Return is 54.00


Bet 2

Twiddle Me Finger, which we decide to bet for a place.

NB:So far we’ve only spent 20 from our pocket. This new 54 bet includes Tulip’s winnings, don’t forget!

A good Selection. He runs 2nd and pays 2.1 now we have a profit to KEEP of 8.35, regardless of what happens to our 3rd bet.

Bet 3


We will now carry on with a bet of 85.05 on Sel 3, Witless Willie who, despite his name, actually wins the race. Sadly, we only bet him for a place.

Even so, he pays a handsome 2.35 for the plac now we have a profit to KEEP of 74.97, regardless of what happens to our 4th bet.





Bet 4

Sel 4, who we decide will be Emaciated Twiggy.

If this mare fails to place then we simply click KILL This Plan to wipe the data and start a new plan, with almost 75 ALREADY IN OUR POCKET as our profit.

Doesn’t get much better than this, does it? Being thin paid off. Twiggy scraped in with a narrow 3rd and paid 1.8.

Immediately, Level 3 is closed as it has paid us an as-we-go-profit of 119.92

Our Overall Profit is now 194.89.

Our next (and last) Bet will be 119.92 on Hardwood as our Selection 5


Bet 5 Last One

And what a good dog. He romps home having shot to the lead and stayed there throughout the race.

He pays 2.4 for the win. Type it in, click GO.

You can see he returned to us 287.81 profit at Level 4. Nice.






But look at our approximate overall Profit. It has now shot up to a massive 4 8 2 . 7 0

A mind-boggling 2413.5% return on our initial flat bet of 20.

Now you are not going to win all the 5 bets like we have shown, however we would need the next 20 series to fail at the first bet to lost all this profit.

And if you are using just over the even (2.00) price, then you only need 2 or 3 bets to be successful to be making a profit on that series.

And at 2.00 price in theory 50% should return you a win.



It’s rather stating the obvious, but the returns you receive along the way will depend on the dividends you can achieve.

We had a nice mixture of well chosen win and place bets and here’s how our rewards panned out:

One bet without loss

No profit

Two bets without loss

8.35 profit [28.35 less the 20.00 stake]

Three bets without loss

74.97 profit

Four bets without loss

194.89 profit

Five bets without loss

482.70 profit





The profits could have been a little more. How?

By rounding upwards and betting in whole dollars:

  • 86 instead of 85.05
  • 134 and not 133.24
  • 120 rather than 119.92



Thanks A Million Guys.

Here is a success story from one of our users at the weekend, when he played some Australian races on Betfair.

As you can see he had 5 consecutive and successful, quite low-priced place bets.

But even so he still made a darn good profit !!


We've also included the relevant Betfair transactions statement as confirmation. Read it from the bottom up.

This is using the Compound Magic software on low priced horses.

Click on image for a better view.

As you can see his first bet on La Praline was simply to recoup the single 5.00 bet he lost the day before.

Now the Compound Magic Plan begins. His 5.00 bet on Philda has placed.

You'll note that he entered the price as 1.60 above instead of 1.93.  That's because he likes to keep a bit of profit in case the second bet loses.

Success -- his second selection placed. This time he entered the full price of 1.59 and continued.

A final profit of 36.03 was his reward for only about an hour's work after all his other selections placed.

It's not hard to do if you are careful with your selections!


The wizard says "Use it wisely, and the compound affect will richly reward you."

Patience is worth its weight in GOLD. Rush your selections and you will pay the price of haste.

Slowly, slowly will grow the bank.

Remember in most cases after 2 or 3 bets, you are playing with OPM, (other peoples' money.)

Best Sports to use it on?

1.Place market in Horses

2. Football (soccer, AFL, NRL, American).

3. Tennis

4. Any sport with a two result outcome and odds around 2.80 or down to 1.50.



It is an exe file and WILL NOT work on Apple PRODUCTS

Compound Magic PRO

Plus Strategy Manual

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I will then send you the upgrade link.


The cost to upgrade is just £14.97

That gets you:

  •  the new software (up to 20 Plans can be stored)

  •  and the valuable and detailed  Betting Strategies Book

  • access to our unique Cascade Method

  •  plus you keep the Compound Magic you have already purchased previously


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